CD Cover: The Kate Garrett Band - King Of The Birds EP

King of the Birds EP

  1. Carole's Song - Play
  2. King of the Birds
  3. Four Winds - Play

Recorded in her sitting room in West Oxford by Rob Harbron (English Acoustic Collective, Chris Wood), Kate’s timeless songwriting is beautifully woven with strings from Barney and Lucy Roberts (Village Band), concertina from Rob and an interesting use of Indian harmonium and glockenspiel.

CD Cover: The Kate Garrett Band - Homefront

Homefront EP - Buy this CD

  1. Homefront - Play
  2. No Place Like Us - Play
  3. Star
  4. The Boatman

Homefront EP from the KGB, produced by Andy Lovegrove at
Courtyard Studios, Oxon.
Released on the Beard Museum.

Album Cover: Kate Garrett - Vertigo

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Vertigo - Buy this CD

  1. Coming home
  2. Falling over - Play
  3. Satisfied
  4. Lost
  5. She
  6. Darling - Play
  7. Star
  8. When is the man?
  9. Holding on
  10. Sleeping still
  11. Down to me
  12. Inside

Vertigo combines many of Kate Garrett's past influences from acoustic roots to the sonic intensity of Mystics pop.

Other musicians playing on the album include Mark Wood, Chris Gale, Tim Harries, Jonathan Nesmith, Kyle Eastwood, Andy Crowdy, Will Gibson, Abbie Lathe and Lucy Roberts.

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